E-MU E5000 ULTRA circa 2001 with EOS4.01… New Old Stock!

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E-MU E5000 ULTRA circa 2001 with EOS4.01... New Old Stock!
I am a great admirer of this technology; this is one of the VERY last ULTRA CLASS samplers built AND NOS, so much so that it is FITTED WITH THE OPTIONAL 5 gig, blank ide HD drive. Both DRAM sockets are occupied with E-MU original 16meg RAM and Flash ( like my 6400 Ultra ); there is the original 4meg of sampler memory and I will include another 32meg SIM. Please look here for a full review of the 5000; it is a powerful Z plane synthesizer, ROM player and RAM authoring tool also. Two rom sockets are available, so not much really missing that one would need today… Included is a power cord and a DVD of resources, 4.7 upgrade .zip, Proteus soft synth, a number of Disc images, manuals and editors. In testing, I have not noticed any issues and found it a treat when testing…’addendum’ In the the late 70’s a friend of mine, with his business partner; Peter Gabriel formed a new company in London England called SYCO SYSTEMS Ltd. The initial purpose of this company was to introduce to the world a remarkable NEW instrument called the FAIRLIGHT CMI. At the time this was the MOTHER of wavetable synthesis and being based on a mainframe office computor was VERY EXPENSIVE… up to $100,000 even then! So inevitably only the wealthy and/or successful could afford this luxury. Stephen began looking for more affordable solutions that included the Synclavier by NED (remember those) and later ENSONIQ / EMU; who were at that time separate companies & a host of others. So extensive was his involvement that he greatly helped shape the 80’s BritPop sound that we all so admire; he later perhaps unwittingly helped the latter move to Scotland as they merged, inevitably assuming the LAPSED RIGHTS of the Fairlight. The rest shall we say ‘ is history’, the SOUNDFONT we know and luv today; perhaps explaining the DEADZONE in Soundfont development of the the early nineties that no one wants to talk about… just compare the remarkable simplicity of the Fairlight Graphical User Interface and very small file sizes with the Soundfont Vienna. Now Emu / Ensoniq are wholly owned by Creative and have all but disappeared back into the virtual domain; neat in some ways when you consider that at the heart of many a PC, lurks a Fairlight going for a song. Things have finally gone full circle and Fairlight are back with the CMI 30A, and essentially the same GUI. Showing that it is difficult to improve on the simple perfection of the original CMI concept, no matter what hardware is used. Finally having said all this, I believe that Emu have done an excellent job keeping alive Peter Gabriels vision of making the sounds of the world available to its people @ at affordable price; they have indeed been very creative and an open source to other developers… a universal standard for all to use.

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