Emu Esi 4000 Digital Sampler ( Turbo ) with 100 mb Zip Drive

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Emu Esi 4000 Digital Sampler  ( Turbo ) with 100 mb Zip Drive

dropped 25 dollars to balance out mailing i have had this sampler since 2006 and used it with my triton workstation as the controller along with a planet phatt and a mo phatt of which i still have also. i never got the real use out of it as i should have because i soon went over to digital production but this is a great piece of equipment to add to the real mans studio collection. bid with confidence.comes with 100 mb zip The ESI to the Max The ESI4000 is a minor, but very useful, updating of the ESI32 sampler. The voices are doubled to 64, and memory is quadrupled to 128 MB. The SCSI port is now factory fitted, and an effects processor is available as an option, as well as the previous digital I/O.64 Voices The ESI4000 comes with 64 voices (32 in stereo), 32 Digital Resonant filters with 19 different filters, 4 MB (expandable to 128 MB) of RAM, 16-bit sample storage and 18-bit Digital to Analog Converters. Sample rates of 22.05kHz and the CD quality 44.1kHz are supported. The analog stereo outputs are on unbalanced 1/4″ jacks. The floppy drive is 3.5″ HD 1.44 Mbytes, using standard DS/HD diskettes.Expansion The ESI4000 can be expanded with the Turbo Board to gain twin 24-bit effects processors and digital SPDIF I/O, at 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz.Memory The ESI4000 accommodates up to 128 MB of sample memory via factory or user-installable RAM SIMM’s. These are 2 x 72 pin slots on the motherboard. The memory can be EDO, FPM, parity or non parity. The ESI-4000 will take any combination of 4, 16 or 64 MB RAM (NOT 8 or 32MB SIMM’s). Use slot 1 before slot 2 .They cannot be ECC, and users report half the memory being visible when using EDO. They must be slim line modules (less than 1.25″ deep), if the Turbo Board is installed. We recommend two 64MB non-EDO SIMM’s.Internal Removable Drive You can replace the internal floppy drive with a removable SCSI drive (e.g. Zip or MO). Power will of course already exist, but the SCSI motherboard socket is cabled straight to the external socket. You need a new 3 connector SCSI cable – available from E-mu Systems as p/n AC419 at $28. Unfortunately Iomega have now stopped making internal Zip SCSI drives, but you can still pick them up on eBay.Sample Compatibility This sampler is compatible with sample libraries (over SCSI not via floppy drive) from the EIII, EIIIx, and Emax II as well as the Akai S1000 format. The ESI4000 has a choice of two sampling rates: 44.1 and 22.05KHz, and a choice of input sources: analogue left or right; stereo; or with the Turbo board, the option of a digital input (with 32 ,44.1 and 48kHz sampling rates). ORIGINAL OWNER

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